The Victoria Fencing Club started in the 1970s. The goal of this non-profit club is to promote the sport of fencing. Since 1980, the club has been run by Dr. Nan-Sang Ho, a volunteer Olympic coach and philanthropist, his wife, Veronika, and their two sons Oliver and Christopher. As a former Canadian National Team member, a successful competitive athlete and qualified NCCP coach, Nan taught fencing at the University of Victoria and several Victoria Recreation Centers. He volunteered his time daily, and his proudest accomplishment was to see one of his students, Monica Peterson, qualify for the 2012 London Olympics, after training her for over 16 years.

After his death in August 2015, Veronika continues his legacy. Veronika is a certified NCCP coach and competitive veteran’s fencer. Many of Nan’s former students are now qualified coaches, and members of the Victoria Fencing Club.

The club has no membership fees. Several club members serve as volunteer coaches at the University of Victoria Fencing Club, one of the “Vikes Recreational Clubs” for students, and run by students. Structured Beginners Classes take place every term. Current head coach at the University is Caleb McIntosh, a certified NCCP coach and Nan’s former student. Veronika assists with coaching, and mentors the student executive in running their club.

The University of Victoria has now opened up club memberships to community members as well.